The 2023 harvest in Roero area. Previews and forecasts from Cravanzola Wines estate.

The 2023 harvest in Roero area. Previews and forecasts from Cravanzola Wines estate.

Lower quantity for the 2023 white wines, with excellent quality results, in the heart of Roero area

It is with pleasure and in the spirit of sharing that we inform that the 2023 harvest at the Cravanzola wines estate in Castellinaldo d’Alba has begun. As early as September 5th, a new chapter in our tradition of producing high quality wines in the heart of Roero has started.

A careful and delicate ripening

This year, the harvest has began with Sauvignon grapes, followed by Favorita and will end with Arneis, the signature white grape for the north-eastern part of the province of Cuneo in Piedmont. It is important to underline that the ripening of grapes is a complex process, influenced by various factors. Among other things, the rainfalls that occurred between the 25th and the 28th of August have brought, right in the period before the harvest, a precious balance between sap and sugars in the berries, thus providing optimal turgidity. A good sugar content and a moderate acidity guarantee a very interesting aromatic framework.

Early harvest

In recent years, we have noticed a significant change compared to the past. The harvest starts now two weeks earlier than ten years ago. A noticeable example is Arneis, which was once harvested in mid-September but is now ready to be picked at the end of August or the first days of September. This early harvest required a new organization of our production process, in terms of continuous company improvement.

Supervision of the red wines

As for the red wines, the harvest will begin with Dolcetto, followed by Barbera and lastly Nebbiolo. The Dolcetto grapes are standing out this year for their ideal sugar content, so much so that they can almost be considered ready for harvesting. We are really confident about the quality of our harvest with supposedly lower quantity compared to the previous years.

Quality first of all

In line with our company philosophy, the lower production yield for the 2023 harvest in Roero area, ensures that the current vintage will result in white and red wines of outstanding quality.

In conclusion, a new adventure has begun in the history of the Cravanzola estate. We would like to thank all our staff for their hard work that will allow us to make extraordinary wines. We look forward to sharing the results of this harvest with you and together raising a glass in honor of this unique season in the Roero area.


The Cravanzola team