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Tradition, origin, quality

It was 1930 when Carlo Annibale Cravanzola started his business in Castellinaldo farming vineyards and making wine. Today, the new generations are carrying on his work with the same passion.
The cellar’s extensive and technically well-equipped premises given over to the winemaking and ageing are to be found in the Schiavenza farmhouse located in the old centre of the village at the top of the hill.
Also located in Castellinaldo are the estate’s major resource: the vineyards scattered here and there over the hills, all worked with the same enthusiasm and precision. Depending on their position they are all prime sites for the growing of different varieties, capable each year of producing grapes and wines with highly-prized, original and well-defined properties.
In Campiano, Cravanzola’s vineyards have a westerly aspect; here the Arneis and Nebbiolo varieties prevail. Opposite towers the majestic San Pietro, a long, steep hillside planted with Nebbiolo, Arneis and Barbera. Finally, climbing up to the north-east beyond the village stands the great hill named Bricco del Conte, where the finest slopes are set aside for the growing of Barbera, Nebbiolo and Favorita vines.

where the grapes ripen in the sun

hillside vineyards

Castellinaldo d’Alba lies in the Roero, an area of hills and valleys located in southern Piedmont, to the left of the River Tanaro and just a few kilometres from the town of Alba. Beyond the river, more vineyards where the precious terroirs produce Barolo, Barbaresco and other wines.
The Roero is a dense network of hills where the vine occupies the slopes in the sunniest positions (facing south, east and west) which are capable of helping the clusters to ripen to perfection.
The vines are only planted on the hillsides. It is a question of warmth and brightness: here, far from the late fogs and chills of spring the grapes are able to grow and develop better. Little by little, the clusters find the ideal path to ripeness in order to give the wines the structure and complexity that make them appealing and capable of withstanding the test of time.
Of particular interest is the nature of the terrain: thin layers of sand are mixed with calcareous and clayey marls to make the soil more welcoming for the vine and its root system, and provide them with the right natural nourishment.
Finally, the heavens play their part: each year the climate is cold-temperate, yet the different combinations of cloud cover and sunshine are perfect for producing fragrant “fruity wines” that continue over time to conjure up their origins.
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“Veri professionisti che svolgono il loro lavoro con immensa professionalità e passione con ottimi risultati.Per il loro impegno hanno avuto persino importanti riconoscimenti a Vinitaly. Ottima varietà di prodotti. È il posto giusto per chi ama la qualità..”

"Real professionals who carry out their work with immense professionalism and passion with excellent results. For their commitment they have even received important awards at Vinitaly. Excellent variety of products. It is the right place for those who love quality."


Alessandro Mori
Alessandro MoriItaly

“Ottimo vino e persone gentili. E' da molti anni che sono cliente fedele...”

"Great wine and friendly people. E 'for many years that are customer faithful..."

Aldo Celestino
Aldo CelestinoItaly

“Ottimo vino prodotto da persone stupende.”

"Excellent wine produced by wonderful people."

Rosario Cugliari
Rosario CugliariItaly


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